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Happy new year dream-width, My Christmas was boring as hell, I didn't eat anything that day. I just get back from clinic for a check up. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia two years ago. I was hospitalised for two weeks due to psychotic break from reality. I am OK now because i am taking my medication. Now i am just neutral, I am trying live happy and healthy as i can be. I am also looking for some friends an this site. I am also on Facebook just such for danny rose. I am trying to get back in the mood to write poetry. I would post them up on here when i have time.


Apr. 4th, 2016 10:15 pm
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I have really have neglected this Journal for a long time.
I am going start posting to this Journal more often.
A lot have happen to me over the past three years.
I am planing on going to America. My aunt going to send me there.
I cant wait to meet the rest of my family.


Apr. 23rd, 2014 07:30 pm
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I been staying at one of my relative house. It been good so far, All i do is eat and eat and eat. Man i can eat. I feel lonely I need a boyfriend.
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Well I kind of had a long week, here’s what happened to me over the past week. One of my co-workers tried to frame me. I and one of my friends usually stay back late to finish our work; we work at the court office where I would write up summons. I left my bag on the registration table where all the other women would leave there bags, one of my co-workers slip traffic tickets in my bag and the next morning claim that I stole them. I had to speak to the judge and my supervisor made us write statements. The main reason why he did this is because he wanted to be with me and I said no. I wasn’t attracted to him. He came to me early in the week with arguments like if I don’t need a man pleasure me in bed at night.
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I feel sad, and anger, and incompetence. I feel like huge lump of nothing, while at least I have a job for now. Right now I’m working at the court house I’m so excited. I get to hear court cases and deal with murder trials. I would surly enjoy myself there. My friend works there also. I ask my field officer at NYS to move from the library, the people there where rude and nosy. I’m happy I move.
I wrote a poem here it is:

Run like the little kid,
Laugh out loud to hide your discomfort,
Wishing you could conquer,
A child of god you say you are,
Most would realize you’re just a fraud,
But your are all talk no action,
Now you’re giving me this reaction.
You better pray its judgment day,
Only god can save you today,
Run like the wind little kid,
I hope that the lord forgive me for this sin.
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Hello everyone I got this boring job at the library which I hate and I feel like I'm just wasting my life in this place.
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Well my life has to stand still considering what happened last year and looking at this New Year with opened mind. Right now I am taking it easy and hoping for the best. Right way I’m searching for a job, which was more difficult than I thought. I hope I get one. I hope I can I make enough money I been thinking of going back to school and becoming an Early Childhood teacher I love children. Been sitting around hoping for the best, my dad have gone to the states I hope he comes back soon. Well I have been practicing writing poetry I pretty much suck at it at the moment. I’ll post some of the poems I write on this journal.
I love watching the reality TV shows it is a shame that fox reality TV was close that was one my favorite channels. Now I usually watch National Geographic channel now some interesting shows do come on their such as taboo. They really show some weird things. Recently I been watching TBS and there new reality TV show king of the nerds. I find it interesting at first; it kind of reminds me of beauty and the geek.

Recently I have been reading a book; it’s by Jean M. Auel the name of the book is Clan of the Cave Bear. It tells the story of a cro-magnon woman who was adopted from an early age by a tribe of Neanderthals. The book was written in great detail it describes the scenery and landscape thoroughly. Ayla is an interesting character in a whole, in the book she mostly came into conflict with her adoptive people because of her differences. I took this book out of the library. I hope to actually buy a copy when I have money. I like to read, I like to read fantasy, science fiction and occasional crime novels. Reading all these books encouraged me to write my own novels later in life. I have a wide imagination.


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