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Well my life has to stand still considering what happened last year and looking at this New Year with opened mind. Right now I am taking it easy and hoping for the best. Right way I’m searching for a job, which was more difficult than I thought. I hope I get one. I hope I can I make enough money I been thinking of going back to school and becoming an Early Childhood teacher I love children. Been sitting around hoping for the best, my dad have gone to the states I hope he comes back soon. Well I have been practicing writing poetry I pretty much suck at it at the moment. I’ll post some of the poems I write on this journal.
I love watching the reality TV shows it is a shame that fox reality TV was close that was one my favorite channels. Now I usually watch National Geographic channel now some interesting shows do come on their such as taboo. They really show some weird things. Recently I been watching TBS and there new reality TV show king of the nerds. I find it interesting at first; it kind of reminds me of beauty and the geek.

Recently I have been reading a book; it’s by Jean M. Auel the name of the book is Clan of the Cave Bear. It tells the story of a cro-magnon woman who was adopted from an early age by a tribe of Neanderthals. The book was written in great detail it describes the scenery and landscape thoroughly. Ayla is an interesting character in a whole, in the book she mostly came into conflict with her adoptive people because of her differences. I took this book out of the library. I hope to actually buy a copy when I have money. I like to read, I like to read fantasy, science fiction and occasional crime novels. Reading all these books encouraged me to write my own novels later in life. I have a wide imagination.
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