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Name:Autumn Moon [Qui Yue]
Birthdate:Nov 7

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2ne1, abba, adam lambert, alchemy, american dad, animal rights, animals, bartending, bear grylls, being nosy, blessed virgin mary, blues, books, boy band, boys, buddhism, candle magic, catholicism, cello, celtic music, chants, cher, child care, children, children's rights, china, chinese, chocolate, christianity, chrono trigger, classical music, cookies, cooking, culture, dark fantasy, day of the dead, dianic wicca, disability rights, doctor who, durga, earth-based spirituality, earths children, effeminate men, egyptian mythology, emilie autumn, evanescence, faeries, fall out boy, family guy, fantasy, feminine boys, femininity, feminism, final fantasy, german, germany, girl power, goddess, goddesses, gothic music, greek mythology, guns n roses, halloween, hatsune miku, hinduism, india, japan, japanese, jazz, jesus christ, jewitchery, jimi hendrix, john mayer, journal roleplaying, jpop, judaism, korea, korean, kpop, krishna, lady gaga, len kagamine, lgbt rights, liberalism, love, making friends, mami wata, megurine luka, men, moon, music, musicians, norse mythology, novels, organ, paganism, pete wentz, pink, psychology, purple, religion, religious studies, renaissance, renaissance music, rin kagamine, rock music, roleplaying, romance, sailor moon, saints, science fiction, secret of mana, seiken densetsu 3, sexology, sexual disorders, shaktism, shintoism, sonic the hedgehog, spirituality, spongebob squarepants, studying foreign languages, sweet, taoism, the beatles, the big bang theory, the cliks, the hunger games, tina turner, toy dogs, victorian era, vincent van gogh, violin, vocaloid, werewolfs, wicca, witchcraft, women's rights, writing, xenophilia, yoga,
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